Jun. 11th, 2013


Jun. 11th, 2013 10:59 am
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What is work? We just don't know. Not when we are nauseous and headache-y, at least.


Had an very nice weekend. Started the mural for Cathleen's (the babby name for Jen's incoming gal) nursery, which is largely a matter of experimentation, since I've never done a mural before, I don't use physical paint very much, and I definitely don't use house paint as a medium. It went well. I was able to figure out how to do a wash. Jen asked for the mural to depict each of the four elements, one to a wall, and to be fairy-tale/fantasy themed. One wall is sky and mountains, with some floating cities and eagle nests; that flows up into a great big volcano. I'm proud of this idea-- the volcano is painted over the closet doors. On the outside, there's a little lava and some cinder cones, but the main feature is a dwarf city, and when you open up the doors, the inside is all magma pools and a great big dragon sitting on its horde (which I'm going to decorate with rhinestones and glitter, of course). On the other side of the volcano is a forest, to be populated by unicorns, and then the ocean and its mermaids.

After this Saturday, there are mountains. This coming weekend I'm continuing, hoping to get done the Air wall and the Water wall, characters notwithstanding.

Sunday I put some work into my own house. Jason and I did a lot of projects-- I gave him the handyman stuff while I concentrated on some much needed organizational and artistic projects. I'm scanning all my old sketches that I've kept around, some of them from high school, so I can dump the physical copies that are taking up space. You cannot see the library floor for all the paper. At last, I put all the physical photos into albums, like our wedding cruise pictures and the parties afterward, then I tackled some of the mending, to less than spectacular effect. Jason fixed some house hardware that was loose or improperly installed, and then, glory of glories, we affixed the cabinet doors. Our kitchen automatically looks cleaner.

This blitz is prompted by my coming vacation, because I don't want to have *shit* looming over me while trying to relax at home.

And then yesterday was Jason's birthday; there was Meat Carnival and cake and people hanging out and a smidgen of Rock Band. I ended the night with a burgeoning headache that wouldn't go away and is still threatening, and some nausea. Booooo.

So today, I have done . . . squat. Nothing. My work queue has been utterly ignored, and I really should address that.

Don't wanna. I've got, like, senioritis, except it applies to the week before vacation.


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