Jul. 1st, 2013


Jul. 1st, 2013 11:52 am
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It's been a little busy round these parts!

Backing up a bit: Jason took off for Origins, leaving me alone for the weekend to hang out with myself and start working on my own things (and cleaning the fuck out of the house) in prep for the *next* week, in which I took a fuck-off vacation, just sitting around and playing video games and not touching anything resembling work. Trying to refill my well. It was less successful than I'd hoped, though the time off was nice; it didn't manage to hit the inspiration button. I *did* play a lot of Skyrim. Thumbs up to that.

And then mid last week, A. arrived for a week and a half long stay, and we went up to Muncie on Friday for a wedding which ended up being a mini Changeling folk reunion, and, oh, there it was. That's exactly what I needed-- comfortable, lovely family time with the people I live and breathe for. We played a raucous game of Cards Against Humanity Friday night, and after the wedding on Saturday, played mini-golf at 10 pm and got milkshakes.

I'm reading It, by Stephen King. One of the major themes of the book is the power of friendship, chosen family, and love, and how we are greater than out individual parts when we are connected to those people who are ours. Friday, listening to folks desecrate all good taste and laugh till we cried, I felt overwhelmed with that bittersweet power. I miss these folks so very much, and am so grateful of the time I get to spend with them. Staying in touch is *so* difficult, but I really want to do better. Y'all are my lifeblood.

A. is around for the rest of the week, and there will certainly be more fun times, and lots of writing dates, and I'm feeling up the challenge.


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