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As a follow up to my last post about feminism in comics, we now have this.

I don't even have good commentary for this one. Just . . . stabbings.


Somebody argue with me how comics, superhero comics in particular, are not upholding sexist ideals. Please. Just try.

Also, a gorgeous follow up post by a male reader on the Mary Jane thing Here, and the original Adam Hughes (damn, dude, I respect you so much sometimes, and then shit like this . . .) can be found on this page. The Hughes sketch is still pretty bad, but includes an interesting element left out of the final statue: the inclusion of Mary Jane's bra in the wash basin. Hmmm . . . further titilation for fanboys, or an attempt to make it lookl like she's doing laundry for both of them?

I'd also suggest reading [ profile] kitsunealyc's post on identity in regards to this subject.

And finally a blog post + commments on rape in comics.

EDIT: Last link, for realz this time-- Women in Refrigerators explained much better than I ever could.

I do admit a kind of sadness in regards to this whole thing-- mostly because the first few people I talked to about it laughed. *Laughed*. I didn't argue with them, which was a bitch on my part, because I knew I couldn't make an eloquent argument that would make them think in the least . . . just brush it off again. I don't know . . . a lot of people I normally respect really dissapoint me when it comes to this sort of stuff.

I think my LLAAAAANNNNDDDD icon is what I'm going to use for these posts from now on.
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Today I am very cranky and easily angered. I keep working myself into a self-important lather over silly things (and some not so silly ones) for no good reason other than it's easier to surf on a wave of pre-existant seething than fight the tide. Which is no excuse, of sourse; that's why I'm making a deliberate effort to be congenial today.

Partially I'm getting very grumpy over equality issues. )

Of course, all of this vitrol *could* be because I woke up with a double shot of adrenaline latte this morning. Mmm . . . being startled out of sleep. Feels like a burning sensation in my chest and a lingering twitchiness all the day long.


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