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R.I.P Stinky-butt. You were a very good ferret.

In happier news, this is why our Exalted game is awesome: tonight, we travelled to New Orleans, where we decided to clear out the Black Spiral Dancer hive that had settled in the Ninth Ward. 74 BSDs. One round. Our Dawn caste and his combos rock so hardcore. Oh, we also found the tomb of The Lover Clad in the Raiments of Tears (Marie Laveau's grave, natch), made friends with a living house, and rescued 12 imprisoned fallen angels.

Busy. Generally hateful. I should post some art someday.

Also, there are adorable kittens. They like eating dice.


Oct. 5th, 2007 02:45 pm
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A fresh look at art history

Prince Caspian concept art

Not much else to say right not. I've been pissy this week. Wrathing all over the place. Very messy.

My cat Beechers died. She was very old, so it's ok. RIP.

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My passport should be in hand come Friday. My initial reaction was less cheering jubliance, more "Good, now I can finally attend to the 19294 other things on my list" but today I'm feeling much better about it and my prospects in general. Not quite up to the everything is fine level yet, but moving there. My textbook I need before going over is also ordered, my final loan submissions go in this friday, my plane tickets are here and my list is rapidly shortening. What I have left to do: get my Visa, organize my monies, pack, figure out where I'm going to get luggage, find out how I'm getting to Minnesota exactly, fix up my laptop, and spend every day praying that they won't go through my bag and toss my watercolor paints at the airport for being dangerous. I'm not bringing my oils for the above reason; I know people who've lost hundreds of dollars worth of paints on flights. Also, are external hard drives okay? These things, I do not know.

Other news is sparse. I'm feeling violently antisocial, which is good considering I have three long days all on my lonesome while [ profile] deadmanwade and new roommate do the GenCon thing. The shwag I really wanted to get from there is already acquired-- yay Changeling book! I'm really, really, really enjoying it so far. It's different from old Changeling, to be sure, but in my own opinion, not mangled like some of the updates have been. But then, I liked the new Mage.

What else . . . Sunday is my birthday. I'm not sure what I'm doing fully, though I know I'm heading up to Indy for the day. I *was* going to get a pass into GenCon, but prices are stupid high for a day pass. Maybe the zoo, *definitely* the IMAX Harry Potter. If people are interested in going to that with me, I'll post times.

As far as further celebrations go, I'm going to wait until I have my going-away/birthday party, tentatively scheduled for Sunday Sept. 2nd. You'll hear more about this next week, as I have to make final arrangements.

September is dangerously close.
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I'm sure most people involved in fandom in any vague way have heard about the mass banninations that LJ has wrought upon communities and personal journals in response to pressure from right-wing christian fear-mongering hate groups. If you haven't . . . well, in short, yeah. Hundreds of journals and well known fandom communities have been suspended/deleted due to things listed in their interests (not even what they've written about) including slash, pedophilia, incest, lolita, and others. This is in an effort to delete journals supporting pedophilia and the like-- no problem, except that they're indiscriminatly deleting journals . . . like the one literary group discussing the novel Lolita, the well-known and years old fandom staple pornish_pixies, groups having to do with gothic lolita style of dress and CHILD MOLESTATION SUPPORT GROUPS.

For those involved in fandom, I'd strongly support friending [ profile] fandom_counts. No updates on your flist, just a count to show LJ just how many people are in support of fandom-- and pissed off about the situation.
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In honor of my first witnessed sping thunderstorm, here's a present to all of you other stormophiles.

And for Changeling people, I found it utterly FANTASTIC that the song used is Gateway of the Elements from the Season Three soundtrack. Killer winds-- what else would you use?
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I love my new fandom. Avatar has got to be created by the coolest people on Earth-- aside from making a fucking awesome show, they are ridiculously good to their fandom. For evidence: Rufftoon, making of amazing Avatr fancomics, was contacted by the creators and now works as a storyboarder for the show. Further evidence: This.

Click on the link below the big KOH.

It's an official made video by the Avatar team, with the full voice cast, for Valentine's Day, making fun of Shipping Wars.

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Passing on some pure nerdy awesome, ganked from my flist.

The Battle of Helms Deep
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I have got to give props to any kids show that has one of the main characters eat a strange cactus in the middle of the desert and quite literally *trip balls* for the rest of the episode.

Extra props to the other 12 year old character asking for some, too.
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You know, I adore my 8AM class (other than it being at 8AM), not for that fact that it actually *teaches* me anything, because outside of the intial program introductions it really doesn't, but because it allows my to do things like, oh, write that paper I need to finish that I didn't last night because I was watching too much Avatar. I managed to make it to season two!

It dawned on me last night that I don't thik anyone in my normal circle of freidns has *ever* seen me in fangirl mode. Holy jesus. Prepare thyselves . . . I was weaned on Disney Afternoon fanfiction and (pretty literally) spent my adolescence watching the Harry Potter fandom blossom. I was there as Diagon Alley was opened and was one of the first posters on their oards. I remember Cassandra Claire having 20 reviews. I have fan art from 1996.

In short, though I have had a long dry spell of relative sanity, I am at heart a *fangirl*. And more than that, I am a *cartoon* fangirl.

I've spent a long time contemplating why it is that adolescent animation really catches me and makes me geek out, while things that are in most ways infinitely *better* and more adult things leave me entertained, but not obsessed. I've come to the conclusion that it is because animation often leaves so much out, that they are only partially and naively complete pictures of the world. Especially in something like Avatar, where sex, death, cursewords and drugs are all indirectly referenced but not explictly stated. It leaves room for someone to expand on it, a vast vista for the imagination. Adult pictures are too complete. There is too little that you can do with them.

Plus I love corrupting things.

. . .
In other news, my bruise is starting to show up. I shall have to get my camera out and take documentation for future larp make-upping. Also, I have some images to recommend, cause they purty and/or amusing. --- Good example of neato keen concepts that can be pulled off with photo manip. --- These three are some beautiful landscapes by *nuozek, one of my favorite photographers of deviantart. The man knows how to work color. -- Annnnnnd a sorta surreal urban photo of shiny.
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am *hooked*. Smitten. Twitterpated. Arrowed by Eros. In short, I am once again FANGIRLING. God, how could I have missed Avatar for so long?

Here's a quick little tribute to the show, practicing with my new watercolors (have I mentioned my insane love of watercolors?). What's cuter than a penguin? A *seal* penguin. And Momo. And a peach. OMG!

Three Peaches )
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I drug my half-asleep ass out of a warm, wonderful bed to wait in the cold for the bus and find out my 8 AM has been cancelled. WHHHHYYYY.

This does give me time, however, to nap in the IMU and plan various gaming things out/sketch, which pleases me immensely as my gaming-blah has been reinvigorated by a solstice of fantastic sessions. The 1940's game is pure pulpy joy, even if we havn't had *too* much time to play, and our group meshes really well. I'm going to have a lot of fun molding Barty from whiny emo boy to slightly less whiny, still probably emo, but infitely cooler pulp hero boy. In Abberant, I killed Nazis and jumped into Cthulu's living room. The Arcadia game has me pretty damn excited, though I'm still unsure as to *who* I'm going to be playing. I have a good custume idea, too, I just need the time to put it together. Does anyone know where I can get cheap silk/vinyl autumn leaves? Hobby Lobby had prices that were stupid high, but I haven't been to Jo-Ann's or Michael's yet.

The two games that have me most excited, though, are Memento and Exalted. I have had so much fun playing Bethy's various itterations through history, but GOD, do I love her original character. I settle into her head so easily, and she's a delight to play, even when she is upsetting every other party member. Bethy is my oldest changeling character, too-- when I first got the books when I was in middle school, fishing them out of the recycling center, I immediatly went home and made up a cast of characters for Bloomington. Bethy was the first one I ever made, and I'm so glad I finally get to play her. Most everyone else from that time has now found a home in London too, as NPCs.

As for Exalted, I had my first session running last night, where I helped my players build their chracters, talked to them about how I want to run and explained about the world situation. I have a fairly large group-- six players!-- and not a whoel lot of time in which to run, but they seem really excited about it, so I'm happy. I also got to sit down and work out backgrounds with each of them, which surprised one of my players, who had previously just done N00b D&D and was fascinated by this whole 'roleplaying' thing. He mentioned it sounded like his experience in theatre was going to be a help to him, which warmed my little GM heart.

In other news, my computer is still down, though not out, despite the great efforts of [ profile] kniedzw and [ profile] deadmanwade32. Appearently, it is a possibility my hard drive never actually died (WHICH MEANS I STILL HAVE MY PORN OMG!), since it looks like my motherboard is fried. This does mean that I have to get a new motherboard, which sucks, however my old HD might still be working, and that does *not* suck, plus I have the new one I bought. I am reluctant to return it, as it was a good deal, and it will leave me with two hard drives, an 80 GIG and a 200 GIG, making my goal to have the biggest music depot in Bloomington a possibilty instead of some distant fantasy. (It is true that the money spent on that could instead go to furthering my goal of owning one top, bottom and pair of panties for every day of the year, but the music one I can actually share with other people ((panties not withstanding))

Finally, um . . . I have money, which means I have food, which means I am happy, and OH, I have Lost season II, which makes me UBER happy. And for those who saw the Lost season premiere last night: What. The. Shit. I think at this point they need to rename the show in general: OMGWTFBBQ, 9:00 Wednesdays on ABC!


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