Mar. 26th, 2012 09:29 pm
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Li'l tidbits.

Spring is sprung too early. This is ridiculous. The trees are already losing their flowers. Ridiculous.

Nano project still comes along, when I am not paralyzed with terror that I cannot write, everything is crap, there is no hope. I have second guessed myself so much that chapter four (which is where Nano left off) is a different story than chapter one, so to continue writing anything I need to go back and make the rest of the book line up with where chapter four ended up because otherwise my continuity isn't just on another continent it is floating out there near the sun, burning.

Gained 16 pounds over the winter. NOT COOL. Welcome home, urge to starve. Don't make yourself comfortable, though. I have *weapons*. And they are called years of counseling and a healthy weight loss plan.

I'm sad I'm not popular on the internet. It is pathetic.

I have yet more art I haven't shown.

Getting more involved with Art Center here in town. Working with the education committee to set up classes, organize marketing campaigns, make community contacts. Good for my resume! But, uh, I actually haven't worked in my studio for, like, a month. Oops.

Spring parasols must be created and sold for dolla dolla bills ya'll.

That's all for now.
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EFFFFFFFF I just talked with J and we agreed that I need to dump the last 10,000 words from my Nano and move in an entirely different direction. Painful but necessary-- the second way gets to the action must faster, avoids info dumps, and eliminates useless side characters. Goodbye, special collections librarian. You might show up in Chicago instead, but I am not convinced.

The problem with writing something based loosely off a game, (aside from rebuilding the world so that things still make sense but aren't, you know, a total rip-off) is restructuring a story to work for a book. Because in a game, meandering and exploring the world is one of the awesome things about the first few sessions. It doesn't have to start off with a bang because we're at the table and exploring is one of the first things to do. But in a book, that needs to get compacted, shuffled around to other moments, and dissolved into the background in favor of character movement and plot. the world needs to feel solid, of course, but unless your novel is explicitly about said exploration (which this is not), it ain't gonna fly.

So off to the cutting room floor with all of you, chapter 2. Let that be a lesson.


I'm no longer floating along made of euphoria. I either adjusted to the meds or life is a little more stressful-- I'm hoping it's the second one, though I wonder. I haven't had a lot of time off and it's starting to drive me batty. I have so many projects I want to work on and not *nearly* enough time to do them all. I'm looking forward to a relatively calm winter, when Nano is wrapped up and some of the bigger freelance things I'm working on, so I can get down and dirty with those. The ones that are most inspiring right now? An illustrated novel (Nano is starting me up on that) which I can update periodically on my LJ, for funsies, and the Oracle deck for myself that I've been perpetually putting on the back burner since 2006. Time to get that DONE.

Social stuff is looking up! Sadly, I just kind of want to hermit in light of too much work. Herp.

Need more Tumblr friends.
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I really have to thank Andrew and Sarah for informing me of the proper way to make white tea, because it is delicious when not scalded.

--I'm too busy again. Where for art thou, hours of the day? Work, NaNo, freelancing, working with the Art center, running a game, playing in a game, trying to relax and then handle all my personal projects. Urghgh. It's my own damn fault, but that doesn't mean it ain't exausting.

--Speaking of Nano, it is coming along (mostly) swimmingly. Chapter one, which clocks in at like 9000 words (the book is going to be 'round 150000 words in total, also, it needs trimming like whoa) went great but chapter two is a hopeless mess. It's all I can do to not take a hacksaw to it already. Every time I sit down to write I'm attempting to avoid meandering, making sure to set a goal for every hundred words: this needs to happen in these hundred, this in the next. Make it so. My biggest issues in writing are definitely pacing and passiveness in my characters, so those are what I'm targeting with this novel in particular.

--Work is still splendid. As soon as some of my books release I'll put up the art. Actually, I'm debating with myself whether it's right to polish up some of the work for my portfolio, or if I should just start from scratch on pieces specifically for that purpose. The problem is that the work I do has to be quick, so it's not as polished as I'd like, and I don't usually get to color it. If I wanted any to make the portfolio, I'd need to put some extra work in, but the finished product would not match what was actually in print. What do you guys think? Worth it? Because I've done some pieces with really strong compositions, and I want to get my children's work up here and out there in general, but, eh, perfectionism.

Oh, life. You are boring, but in the best of ways.


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