Jul. 19th, 2013 09:09 am
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I was . . . not so productive this week.

Got really into developing fantasy cultures, ostensibly to inform my Oracle project, mostly for fun. And by cultures, I mean fashion and names. Developed a whole naming system, drew a bunch of examples of different castes. They may or may not ever been seen.

Have been keeping up with writing, mostly. Failed yesterday and fiddled with my outline instead.

Collected a four-figure debt from someone for artwork I did a long time ago, and used it to pay off several big standing debts. We're going to do it, guys. This month, we will *finally* be caught up on finances.

Now if I can just stop eating out, we'll be good.
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We are under a PDS Tornado Watch all day her ein good old Indiana. PDS stands for "Particularly Dangerous Situation", and means the the circumstances are perfect for violent, large scale tornadoes of the F4 and F5 variety. (These were the warnings that Birmingham and Joplin got).

Dreams last night about sharks, deep and terrifying oceans, betrayal, literal glass houses, giant squid tearing off chunks land and dragging them to the deep, tentacles, black ooze, domestic violence, being pushed off cliffs, eating cats.

I am a little bundle of nerves.


Not much else to say and I need to get off the internet and get to work, so another (appropriate) project and then moving on:

8. Natural Disaster paintings

I have a bunch of crazy destruction pictures in my head and a burning urge to get them out there in a series of paintings. Let's hope I don't get to have some first hand experience for reference, hah ha, sob.


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