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Oct. 20th, 2011 09:03 pm
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In discussions about food insecurity, food safety is often left out of the debate. Crappy eats that are chock full of preservatives are, well, chock full of *preservatives*. Things that preserve. Not only will they stay edible longer, they will repel more vermin, and aren't dependent on refrigeration. Fresh food does none of these things.

Edited to add: Is digital distribution inherently supportive of a monopoly corporate model? With physical product, a store or venue can, to a certain degree, tailor it's stock to it's budget. But if the licensing fee for, say, an MP3 is the same across the board, then small start-up "music shops" online will never be able to afford the catalog of larger companies.
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I started a Tumblr. Urf. I don't like Tumblr all that much, but LJ's audience is just too small for it to be a good place to network (I also post over at Dreamwidth, to make sure I'm keeping a second copy of all posts in case LJ goes down permanently). I'm not giving up my LJ by any means-- LJ FOR LIFE. Things I post on Tumblr will likely make it here, and personal stuff will stay here under Flock. So, FYI, if you want to follow me there or recommend me to any cool people, I am chantico.tumblr.com.

Bloomington's weather has decided to suck, but all romantic-in-the-Tuberculosis-and-roses-way. It is in the low 40's and raining and dark. Horrible to be out in, perfect to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch and make alfredo for dinner.

Every time I make a post, I obsess over whether or not it is good form to capitalize the subject. I mean, it's a header, right? Capitalizing is necessary! Grammaaarrr, how did I test out of you so often I never had to take you? I didn't even know singular "they" was a controversial thing. How will I ever be a writer?

Yeah I kinda want to be a writer again. I want to write and illustrate, only I don't want to do a comic, because frankly comics move too slow for me when i am working on them. I read comics in hypertime, and feel crappy because this was someone's whole month and I scarfed it in 10 minutes. I've been contemplating an illustrated novel, and by contemplating, i mean planning one for NaNo. I'll post it in chaptered chunks as I work on it and build my writer confidence.

You guys should see my outfit. I look like a kindergartner AND I LIKE IT.


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