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Over the past few years, I've noticed a sea change (hah) in the legions of climate change denialists. We still have our stubborn hanger-ons to the idea that nothing is changing, there's nothing unusual happening at all, lalalalalala, but an increasing amount of folk that once subscribed to this notion have changed their tune. No longer are they complete denialists of the possibility of climate change . . . now, it's that there's no way it could be man man. It's hubris to think man could have an effect on the environment. Nature is self correcting. I'm fascinated by the adjustment to their environs. As weather patterns become more unstable and they can see the changes around them, they've still found a way to keep themselves from feeling bad. It's a sort of learned helplessness-- there is power in choosing to be powerless. It removes the terror of uncertainty and the difficulty of having to be brave, or in this case, make changes. Same thing. Like, I get it, I really do. There are a lot of ways I do not do my best to help because I relish the luxuries more than I can stop and think how good this will be for the world. I still drive instead of waking up an hour earlier to take the bus, and I leave lights and my computer on sometimes. I eat meat. I don't begrudge people not being perfect, because no one is. I begrudge them making up stories to make themselves feel better about not being perfect.

Hurgh. Maybe I'm just doing the same thing.


Life continues to be! Not much to report that I haven't already. Work, sciatica, TF2, fanfic, drawing, writing, eating, cleaning, tv. Repeat. Oh, I am drawing my first porn art! That's new.

Sometimes it's good to have nothing going on.

Orphan Act

Apr. 12th, 2008 11:04 am
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So who here knows about the Orphan Act? Anyone? If you do, and you know it's current state, than I'm sure you're probably just as upset as I am. If not, well, read on.

The Orphan Act is legislation that failed being passed last time through the house, and is now being redrafted with some interesting (read: Horrifying) new additions. Originally, the intent of the bill is a fairly honorable one-- open up orphaned artworks to the public domain for archiving purposes, orphaned artworks being those that have long been abandoned by their creators or whose creators and heirs have long since passed away. Problem being that this is a very hard thing to define, so the bill was not enacted.

This time around, they are trying to define it . . . by submitting something that could be devastating to visual artists in all mediums, break with international copyright law and sever more than a few international copyright treaties. As it works now, passive copyright laws mean that as soon as you produce something, it is under your copyright, and you may sue in the case of misappropriation (if you have registered your artwork under copyright, you win the right to sue for damages, as opposed to simply for removal or loss of income incurred). Under the new Orphan Act being put together, to ensure your copyright you would have to register EVERY piece of work you want protected with newly established commercial registries. If you don't, your work would be legally defined as orphaned. This includes: thumbnails, sketches, final pieces, in progress works, storyboards, doodles, etc. These orphaned works are then open to use by anyone, from some tween bastard stealing your character design as their new Pokemon avatar to major corporations appropriating mass amounts of artwork without paying the artists. The ever ubiquitous They are trying to formulate and pass this new bill by summer session.

This article is not terribly well written, but sums most of it up.
This page is running updates as they come through and providing information. I especially want to point out this article about the consequences and this one about the use of the registries.

Please pass this on if you at all care. This sucks, a lot.
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Today I am very cranky and easily angered. I keep working myself into a self-important lather over silly things (and some not so silly ones) for no good reason other than it's easier to surf on a wave of pre-existant seething than fight the tide. Which is no excuse, of sourse; that's why I'm making a deliberate effort to be congenial today.

Partially I'm getting very grumpy over equality issues. )

Of course, all of this vitrol *could* be because I woke up with a double shot of adrenaline latte this morning. Mmm . . . being startled out of sleep. Feels like a burning sensation in my chest and a lingering twitchiness all the day long.
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I adore my job. I really, really do. But, oh my god, work tongight was the WORST. I had every type of bad customer you could name . . . whiny, screaming little kids, snippy parents, sour old women, people trying to haggle down prices, annoying teenagers . . . you name it. I had one kid whose parent *would not* control him, who was racing around the store and knocked the Rush Hour display over (and then began crying because his mom wouldn't buy him a bug ball after that). I had a guy who called me racist for SMILING at him.

The worst, though, was the mess. The store was DESTROYED. Usually, I take two-three long laps around the room at the top of every hour to tidy up. I took six tonight. While cleaning the family games, I reached up to adjust the Curses, because they'd been flipped backwards, and stuck my hand in someone's half eaten hamburger

ajkdgsdkfgbdwk;gbwe978ty34 WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE

I was finally able to count the drawer at 9:30, when I should be leaving. I finished at nine forty five, because of course it was off, and I had to search the cashwrap for the missing money (found it, thank god). And then vaccuming up their muddy footprints for another fifteen minutes.




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