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This was stupid cool. Yeah . . . that's all.
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The party last night was totally amazing. Pefect fun, great music, good friends, tasty cake. I am partaking quite liberally of the warm fuzzies today. Thanks, everyone!
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In honor of my first witnessed sping thunderstorm, here's a present to all of you other stormophiles.

And for Changeling people, I found it utterly FANTASTIC that the song used is Gateway of the Elements from the Season Three soundtrack. Killer winds-- what else would you use?
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I love my new fandom. Avatar has got to be created by the coolest people on Earth-- aside from making a fucking awesome show, they are ridiculously good to their fandom. For evidence: Rufftoon, making of amazing Avatr fancomics, was contacted by the creators and now works as a storyboarder for the show. Further evidence: This.

Click on the link below the big KOH.

It's an official made video by the Avatar team, with the full voice cast, for Valentine's Day, making fun of Shipping Wars.

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Happy Valentines Day, ya'll. HURRAH for cancelled morning classes!

hp_hardcore presents Hardcore Valentines! Click here to get your own!
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This is not weather.

This is *punishment*.

Edit: Cheer me up with Valentines? )
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*pokes head out*

What the fuck happened to Bloomington yesterday? Aside from like, ten people getting the stomach flu, I know a bunch of other *really bad shit* happened as well. I'm gathering reports to see if it was just the gaming circle or more widespread; early indications are of an overall psychic shit storm, as I'm getting more stories of craziness from outside sources.

I dreamed last night of a horrible black apocalyptic pall falling over Bloomington, and other sundry nightmares of all sorts.

A serious OMFG GET BETTER to all who had the crap kicked out of them yesterday, a silent thank you to the universe for not inflicting it upon me outside of interrupted and mewling sleep (knock on wood), and hopes that it has passed.
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Voting for Avery:

Woke up at 6:30. Left at seven, walked to precinct, showed nice lady ID, pressed bttons, walked home, arrived at 7:10.

Eary morning voting for the WIN.
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Wake up, get up, fall down stairs.


(On the plus side I think I just exorcised my bad luck for the day *before* I took my midterms)
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*Something* is wrong with my laptop. It is running ridiculusly slow, as in taking 10 minutes to start up and several to open in programs. I'm egtting an error message that a certain file (msimg32.dll) is missing, but downloading asked for a password(?). Anyone have suggestions?

Especially worrying is that the disc of stuff I managed to burn off to save is runnign just as slow . . . in other people's computers. Hmmm.

One thing is taken care of, and another comes along. *sighs*
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I have run out of characters to make soundtracks for. This saddens me, because now I have a distinct lack of reasons to make music mixes.

Quickly! Feed me mix ideas!
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I tried to escape, but once it gets a taste of blood, it *always* comes back for more.

Damn you, moving! Damn youuuuuu!
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< emo >

I'm exausted and grumpy and really lonely. And I can't get the word 'cockstain' out of my head.

I wish I didn't have to get up early tommorrow.

I wish I wasn't stupidly neurotic about good things.

< /emo >
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What a fucking irritating evening.
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So much world love. Just, like, in general.

Tonight, I think I'm actually going to eschew my friends and hang with my family, because I love them too and they might let me do laundry and that would be YAY.

Also sharing Star Wars comics love.

That is all.
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I haven't felt real communicative lately. Life has been . . both good and bad, I suppose. I know why I was having so much trouble with people. Things haven't resolved themselves there necessarily, other than me giving up completely on the situation, giving in, and being angry at the person I should have been angry at in the first place. It's not something that's particularly expressable, so, eh, I'm still all wrthful. But it's directed more in the right place, instead of trying to avoid it. People are people, they do stupid things.

On the other hand, certain people have been incredibly wonderful in every way. Being around them has been a pleasure, and they help to remind me that it's worth it. That takes precendence over any anger or bitterness, anyday. So thanks to them.

My roommate moved out today, which means I have the whole apartment to myself. This pleases me.

Erm . . . stuff? Like I said, I'm not being real communicative.

Mostly, yay, people don't all suck. In fact, some are really shiny. You know who you are. *blows kisses*


Jun. 9th, 2006 06:19 pm
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Quick update!

--Art stuff is at long last back on track, after losing my stupid pen. I'm finally getting close to finishing a few of the pieces I started. However, I keep getting artists block . . . rar! My art teacher has also kept my portfolio till next semester, which is both good and bad. Now I can't take pictures.

-- Helped people move yesterday, and feeling delightfully pained for my efforts today. I keep telling myself that beauty is paining and hefting furniture up and down stairsa for hours will be good for toning my body. It, however, is not listening.

-- There are stormtyroopers outside the store today. Yayz!

-- Writing is going well, too. World building is fun.

Erm . . . that's all, really. More substantial update at somepoint. I have stories and thoughts to share, just not the time to do so.
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*groans* I am just now leaving this damnable computer lab, but with the corpse of a thirteen page paper behind me. Joy and hallelujah! All I need to do now is write my bibliography and study for my last test. *swoons* So close!

No, a chilly walk home, and then SLEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP


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