A Plea

Mar. 27th, 2012 11:07 am
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Hi folks. I need your help.

Some backstory, if you want. )

The short of it? I have a proposal.

I want to get healthier in mind and body. I want to get back in shape. But I'm already fighting a battle with that out-of-control weed that is my ED, so it's a little harder to get the gumption required to move my ass out the door. And gym memberships, which keep my motivated, are hella expensive. So are fitness classes, or yoga, or even eating healthier.

What if I was accountable not just to myself, but to you? What if y'all could help a lady out with some of those financial hurdles? And what if you got something awesome out of the deal?

Seeking: Healthy Living Patrons.

For 5 dollars a week, any week you feel like donating, I'll make you an original piece of art. Something beautiful, just for you, from the happiest place I can find in myself. You get art, I get help. You get to be a Big Time Philanthropist for very little moolah, and I get a big juicy to carrot to chase. (healthy, see?)

Here's the details, specifically: )

Art for cheap, help a person out. A pretty good deal, right?

I have one last favor to ask: I am not a well-known figure, and my audience is small. If y'all could pass this plea about, if you're comfortable? That would be AMAZING. Who knows-- maybe I'll be able to afford a nutritionist, or martial arts classes, or to fix up my bike.

Thanks, everyone. Now back to your regular blogging.


Mar. 26th, 2012 09:29 pm
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Li'l tidbits.

Spring is sprung too early. This is ridiculous. The trees are already losing their flowers. Ridiculous.

Nano project still comes along, when I am not paralyzed with terror that I cannot write, everything is crap, there is no hope. I have second guessed myself so much that chapter four (which is where Nano left off) is a different story than chapter one, so to continue writing anything I need to go back and make the rest of the book line up with where chapter four ended up because otherwise my continuity isn't just on another continent it is floating out there near the sun, burning.

Gained 16 pounds over the winter. NOT COOL. Welcome home, urge to starve. Don't make yourself comfortable, though. I have *weapons*. And they are called years of counseling and a healthy weight loss plan.

I'm sad I'm not popular on the internet. It is pathetic.

I have yet more art I haven't shown.

Getting more involved with Art Center here in town. Working with the education committee to set up classes, organize marketing campaigns, make community contacts. Good for my resume! But, uh, I actually haven't worked in my studio for, like, a month. Oops.

Spring parasols must be created and sold for dolla dolla bills ya'll.

That's all for now.


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