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We have a hawk or falcon coming by for visits in the trees behind our house. He's pretty magnificent; grey plumage, spotted chest, maybe 2-3 feet tall. Next time he comes by, I'm going to try and take a picture of him. Mostly what he does is perch up on the bigger branches to rend his prey. I'm not sure if I should fill my birdfeeder, as I would feel rather like I was tricking all the pretty birdies into showing up at a buffet simply to *be* a buffet. We saw him there eating something, but realized it wasn't a fluke when a couple of days agao, he dropped a pigeon head and torso on out back porch. A friendly gift from a neighbor, perhaps.

That cats, of course, are not outside, though Steve keeps peering out the window and meowing, giving us that look like "Mom mom mom let me out mom I can take him, I can take him moooooom!"

Dealing well with Winter this year, at least so far. Mid january is really when it goes all to hell (and to be fair, today was a bad day for crushing anxiety and the desire to set the world aflame.)

NSFW Art )

And to reiterate, I'm also trying to help out at [ profile] help_haiti by offering three commissions for auction, so head over there and bid if you want to give money and recieve something cool in return. Even if art isn't your thing, there's plenty of other awesomeness at the community, from jewelry to writings. Go forth and help.
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I'm offering 3 commissions on the community help_haiti for auction, starting at 30$ a piece. If you would like this chance to get a color commission of your character and donate lovely monies to the relief effort, please visit here and bid.
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*Something* is wrong with my laptop. It is running ridiculusly slow, as in taking 10 minutes to start up and several to open in programs. I'm egtting an error message that a certain file (msimg32.dll) is missing, but downloading asked for a password(?). Anyone have suggestions?

Especially worrying is that the disc of stuff I managed to burn off to save is runnign just as slow . . . in other people's computers. Hmmm.

One thing is taken care of, and another comes along. *sighs*


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