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I went up to Chicago on a lark to help [ profile] moonartemis76 pack up her apartment in moving preparation and to make life a little less miserable for her, and [ profile] shinmatsuz accompanied. Packing day one went great. Packing day 2, not so much-- when Matt decided to come, he was recovering from an illness, and it flared up again that night, precipitating a 5:30 AM run to the hospital because his throat was swelling shut. A couple of days before, PromptCare informed us that his sore throat and fever were viral, but the hospital contradicted that and named it Strep; apparently when left untreated, Strep can sometimes cause a complication called a Peritonsillar abscess, which is exactly what it sounds like: your tonsil becomes a giant throat-zit.


He was given an IV full of steroids, antibiotics, benadryl, and morphine(!!) for the pain and told to see an ENT in Bloomington to drain the thing (MORE EW). With proper application of antibiotics, by the time he got to the doctor today, it had disappeared mysteriously.

I sound squicked but you all know I thought this experience was totally grossly awesome.
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As many of you know, or at least some of you, I have been working diligently on a Super Sekrit Projekt over the past couple weeks. The veil can finally be pulled back: people, I am doing a webcomic.

My Name Is Might Have Been launches today! Co-written by two amazing authors-- Ferret, aka [ profile] theferrett, webcomic and blog veteran of such endevours as Home On The Strange; and Catherine M. Valente, aka [ profile] yuki_onna, World Fantasy Award nominated author of The Orphan's Tales and many, many other works-- and drawn by yours truly.

Rock on.


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