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This is the first day that I have been able to finish everything on my not unsubstantial to-do list since, like . . . I can't remember when. Summer, maybe? I finished a drawing, worked on a painting, wrote 500 words, did 4 1/2 hours at my day job, made plans for my Superbowl shindig, cleaned up a little, and finished/prepped my wedding invitations, so that I can get them to the printers tommorrow. And while sticking, mostly, to my new diet. Hurrah! This does not sound like an amazing amount of work, but for me and my attention span, it is a herculean effort and a good omen to fall on Imbolc eve.

Speaking of Imbolc, my most treasured of pagan holidays, I am spending it mostly working again, (which is one of the better things I could do with it) but before I go to bed I will be spending some time settled in my room, with all my little lights on, giving a whole hell of a lot of thanks for the fact that this winter has been a demure foe so far. I have spent only a scant few hours laying on the misery couch upstairs, as opposed to entire days. I am managing my schedule so that I am not too overbooked, so that I have play time, so that I get done what I need to. The weather helps. We have had a surprising amount of snow, and a little sun as of late, plus plenty of cold. See, I don't mind winter so much when it acts like fucking winter-- it's the mud-and-rain-and-monotone for weeks and weeks on end that drives me insane.

This is, like, seriously kind of unbeliveable.

This weekend is pretty packed-- Saturday I'm driving down to Louisville to visit my sister, who is competing in a hair show; this is totally fucking awesome for her and also happens to fall on her birthday. Plus, I like the idea of sitting next to a catwalk, program primly in hand. I will have to choose carefully what I wear. On Sunday I will attend a wedding then fling myself directly from there to home, where there will be a quick change from pretty dress to Colts temorary tattoos for the Foosballs.

This schedule does not afford a ton of time to tackle the ever important To Do List, but I think a huge weight will be lifted off my mind come friday when I get to finally stuff me some wedding invitations. Assuming I have them back by then, of course. And then it's on to fun stuff for the wedding, like picking out a bathing suit, figuring out what I'm going to do on the cruise, coordinating colors and bridal party wear. Also, PICKING MUSIC *frothing delight*

All in all, good stuff.
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I am in Chicago Land being a good Maid of Honor and learning to navigate the strange, otherwordly driving that is the endless suburbs. What a foriegn place. I'm enjoying getting the tours around the southside, especially the areas that are actually up closer to the city proper. Lots of very proud Irish and friendly people, and pretty houses. I can understand the appeal of a place so closely knit, tied together by traditon and family for generations. It's a glittering prospect for someone trying to find a tribe-- you have a place, and a family, and evryone knows who you are an what you're up to.

I could never, ever live there. Living in such close emotional proximity to so many would drive me crazy. I don't place the importance on blood ties that living in neighborhood like the south side seems to require, and frankly, I don't think I could stand the racism and cloistered xenophobia of people who have never had to press their boundries of comfort to find those to care about them (I am generalizing, of course; I also recognize the irony as everything I'm writing is essentially about how foriegn that lifestyle is and how uncomfortable it would make me).

Mostly what we're doing up here is wedding stuff, wedding stuff, wedding stuff. We've met with the baker and the florist and called the limo company and looked into the location and planned the chair arrangements and tommorrow, there will be TWO showers, and, and, and . . .
this all further convinces me that in no uncertain terms, no way, no how, no shape and no form will my wedding be like this. Oh, I get that it will still drive me nuts, that I will still be foaming at the mouth by the end of the process, but the idea of relaxing on a boat for 4 days and letting my paid consultants take care of all those silly details is temptation too delectable to deny-- cranky mother and aunts be damned.

In other news, I have A Fabulous Hat (omgomgomg it is big and white and has a ribbon), I miss my Coconut, and HGTV makes me stupidly happy and ready to do spring cleaning.


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