May. 30th, 2008 09:31 pm
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Every time I contemplating posting something to LJ, my attention span skitters off under the desk, and I become enraptured by news sites and and a plethora of other things that usually, I don't want to or shouldn't read anyway because they just leave me upset. I need to take a break from the bad internets, and start putting my time into far more creative things-- like updating my livejournal. Hey, at least it's *some* writing.

Life has been good in a quietly productive way over the past couple of weeks. I do my best work on days where I wake up at 9:30 and putter until 10, which seems to be the time of day my body wants to wake up, bedtime be damned. Any earlier than that (the stray day where I awake at 6 AM aside), and I am non functional until, hey, 9:30, at which point I perk right up. I don't know *what* I'm going to do when I get a real job.

The two things I'm most proud of finishing are the long overdue Baroness Elenore Elise picture #2, which can be seen here, and a fanfiction which has been sitting unfinished on my hard drive for probably five years: Winter's City, the sequel (and finale) to the Enforcer-angst series I wrote ages past.

Other than that, I get up, I draw, I clean, I watch DVDs and sometimes I go outside. I spent a great Wednesday at my Dad's little plot of land, which was rejuvenating in the way that only the country can be. There is a certain vitality to the city, but once I come to the place where the fields outnumber the houses, my heart sings in recognition and my breathing becomes easier. I miss hearing whippoorwills, and listening to nothing but the soft rustle of leaves caressing each other. I'm also *aching* for a good storm.

In other aching news, we've acquired Wii Fit, and it is kicking my *ass*. My back and arms were so sore two days ago that I apparently woke [ profile] deadmanwade up everytime I rolled over in bed by yelping in pain. I don't remember this at all of course; there is no sleep as deep as one where your muscles are healing. I haven't dropped a pound, nor do I see a difference, but goddamn can I feel it-- and since I'm running the equivelent of 2 miles every day, along with push-ups, sit-ups and hula-hoop madness, I know something is going to change. I'm 10 pounds away from my goal of 145, which is annoying because a month ago I was 4 pounds away from that. Then descended upon me the glory of graduation, and cake, and no longer being stuck on campus with nothing to eat.

Eating! Eating is good, and I've been good about it. There have been too many Baked! cookies in my diet, and maybe a little too much ice cream-- but there has also been lots of fruit and cottage cheese and wheat bread and whole grain pasta and other wholesome things. I like having applesauce instead of candy for a snack-- my body feels so much better.

On the downside of health stuff, I've been suffering from dry-air nosebleeds: 10 in the past two weeks of the wow-I-can't-get-to-the-bathroom-before-I-look-like-a-trauma-patient variety. They subsided with a humidifier, but humidifiers give me horrible sore throats, so I'm sticking to the nosebleeds for now-- at least they look totally cool. Doesn't help my anemia at all, of course, but I have attacked that in the past couple days by having STEAK, of the little Zagreb variety. Oh em geeeeeeeeeee . . .

That's about it. I should have some new art soon, and as always, there is My Name is Might Have Been. (which recently was discovered by the guys at Harmonix, who seem to love it).
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My friends, you need to check out today's My Name Is Might Have Been. I think more than a few of you will pick up on our cues after this one-- plus, I am way proud of the art. *Research* was conducted to get things right. I am proud of myself for that!

On other comics art, I really do have to pimp The Grave, another webcomic that launched the same time as ours, because it is chock full of awesome. The art is really cool and sets a good tone for the rest of the book. Definitely appealing, especially to those, like me, who love the villains in superhero books best of all.

Also! Hello, new people watching! *waves* Feel free to introduce yourselves, I'd like to meet you!

So . . . I need some help. It has long been pointed out (mostly by myself, to myself, but I digress) that I do not have and direly need a webpage. Seeing that I'm finally free on Spring Break and my biggest plans include fixing my bike and cleaning, I have some free time, and I think I'd like to slapdash something together. Then only problem being . . . I have no idea how. The last time I had a webpage, Tripod was still the biggest thing EVAR and flashing gifs were only just on their way out. I know the bare bones of HTML, and I do mean bare. I'm not looking for something super fancy, but I need something to display my art professionally enough that I vcan put the address on a card and hand it out at cons.

Any suggestions on, really, anything? Domain names and providers? Webpage builders, free or otherwise? Sites with tips for the webpage noob?


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