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Two other very cool links:

First, from [ profile] mindstalk a fantastic article on nutrition, nutritionism, and the problems with the western diet: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

And then a treatise by an unknown author that's been circulating on DeviantArt and is very cool: Art and Payment. Check out this girl's gallery, anyway . . . she's a fantastic cartoonist.
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Originally this was just going to be a reply to on of [ profile] laurelwren's comments, but I realized that there was actually a post in here somewhere, and some stuff that I would do well to explore myself. I'm finding writing here theraputic for probably the first time ever, and realize that the more I write stuff down, the better organized my thoughts are becoming on the matter; the materialization of little nigglings on screen is leading to me being able to push them aside and look at the meat of the issue. Kind of like following the tentacles coming through the doorway to the body of the cthuloid thing outside. Only, less with the gibbering and squamous-ness. I hope. So bear with me (or skip to the end), because the reflecting is more for my benefit than anything else.

So! As I said before, I was responding to the comment with your basic 'yeah . . . I know, I'm breaking an addiction, and my body isn't going to like that very much' when I started thinking about where and why I developed my current hideous eating habits.

Don't read if weak of stomach, please )

I don't really know how to approach this. Breaking an addiction I can handle . . . I know the basic principles, I know what to avoid, and if I falter or need help, there are tons of resources to help me.

But how in the hell do I rewrite Pavlovian conditioning that tells me healthy eating is dangerous eating?


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