May. 23rd, 2013

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Got moving early this morning with surprisingly little difficulty, and a lovely morning it is. Perfect crisp, cool air. If it holds out I'm going to do a little more lawn care this evening, hopefully getting a little lesson in how to use the wee whacker and taking it to all the creeping borders. I have poison ivy popping back up, too, and I'm not really sure how to deal with that other than getting some heavy duty gloves and yanking it right out of the ground. Zero desire to use pesticides on it. Maybe I'll even *tackle the back room* (gasp).

No I totally won't there could be spiders and Avery don't play that shit.

Porn drawing going very well, WIP's well accepted. Excited to get it done. Addicted to drawing it. More definitely in my future.

Trying to do daily meditation but I am not having luck with it. I think the problem isn't the practice but the particular meditation I'm trying, with breath counting to ten and then starting again, do that for ten minutes. It's *too* relaxed, and I universally end up falling asleep. An awareness meditation might work better, or a finger tapping one; something that isn't entirely internal. Anyone have any ideas? Because I'm not a fan of nodding off in the middle of my practice and being super sleepy for the rest of the evening.

Oh, happy/content, you mean that my mind isn't spinning with too many thinky bits, so finding something to write about is hard!


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