Feb. 1st, 2007

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It has been nearly two weeks, and I am still sick-- through this latest bout, started Monday night, is partcularly miserable. I finally gave up and went to the doctor since I was worried about Strep, but they said what it basically amounted to was a very long running, very stubborn, and very nasty cold, and told me to take lots of over the counter meds. If it's a cold, it's something like The Perfect Storm style of cold-- my temperature spiked tuesday night at 103, and the pressure in my head if I'm not all drugged up makes me feel like it is quite literally going to explode.

Just call me Queen Snotrag right now.

At least my teachers are all being very understanding-- mostly because I keep trying to come to class, and within five minutes I'm being sent away because it is very, very obvious I am not faking. It doesn't keep me from doing basic tasks, at least on meds, but higher brain functions have pretty much ceased at this point. I am a banal slug being driven by habit.

ON the good side, getting better will never have felt so good.

Oh, yes . . . and if you haven't heard, The End is Near.
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Two other very cool links:

First, from [livejournal.com profile] mindstalk a fantastic article on nutrition, nutritionism, and the problems with the western diet: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

And then a treatise by an unknown author that's been circulating on DeviantArt and is very cool: Art and Payment. Check out this girl's gallery, anyway . . . she's a fantastic cartoonist.


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